Musical Supervisor/Director for The Wizard Of OZ, Shone Productions, UK Tour 2015

This was a really fun show to be a part of, with a great cast, crew and creative team. The tour visited all sorts of different, beautiful venues, starting at The Lyceum Theatre in Crewe, finishing at ‘Cast’ in Doncaster. It was really nice to be able to work with my own click tracks/arrangements that I produced for the tour before hand, as usually I do that work is done for different companies, and it will be sent for their MD to work with. It just so happened I was fortunate enough to end up doing the tour (the fun part) as well this time, so that was great. We had a very talented, funny cast which kept the band entertained in every show, and it was a fantastic experience getting to work with a dancing dog that won Britain’s Got Talent… even when he did decide to have a poo on stage one day!

The show featured Britain’s Got Talent Winners, Ashleigh & Pudsey, as Dorothy and Toto

Also starring,
Lloyd Hollet as Scarecrow
Simon Kingsley as Tinman
Conor Barrie as Lion
Laura Handley as The Witch
David Burton as The Wizard


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“The audience are clapping to the cleverly devised overture from the word go when the Musical Director, James Harrison, had everyone joining in. Its fantastic to see a live band, its the only Easter production I’ve seen who incorporate this and it really does create a brilliant atmosphere.” – Middleton Arena Review