Custom arrangements with click tracks can also be produced upon request, for any given scenario. Producers have found this service useful for productions on a budget, allowing them to make use of a smaller live band without compromising that big orchestral theatre sound, and the live aspect.

I have produced click tracks for companies worldwide, that have been featured on major UK touring shows (Theatre & Band gigs), pantomimes, and most recently West End Live, at Trafalgar Square.

Full rehearsal tracks with all instrumentation can be provided, along with individual stems of the orchestra (click track) to run in sync with industry standard software, such as Qlab, allowing sound engineers to have complete control over the live band/track mix during performances to achieve the full sound required.

Please click here to listen to examples of my click tracks being used in context, with and without the live band.

Here is a compilation of tracks I’ve produced over the last few years, for clients and theatres across the globe. This gives a taster of the quality you can expect, and hopefully shows that any project is possible… Enjoy!