James has worked professionally as a musician since the age of 14 (2007) and has since, played in some of the UK’s most prestigious venues, including London’s West End. As a musical director he has worked with various celebrities, from Phillip Schofield to Britain’s Got Talent winners Ashleigh & Pudsey. As a solo pianist he’s appeared on ITV’s “This Morning” and has played for various distinguished hotels and restaurants, to intimate engagements with The Royal Family.

Whether you need background music to help create the perfect setting for your wedding or an energetic solo piano sing-a-long show, with James’ unique and fun entertaining approach, the rapport he builds with his audience will always leave you wanting more. Whilst having an extensive repertoire, if James doesn’t know your all time favourite song don’t worry, if you can hum it… he can play it… even in any style you fancy!

With James’ warm presence and infectious arrangements of jazz standards, film and theatre classics to modern day pop, there really is something for everyone.

“When I first met James, I hadn’t sung for 17 years, in public, on stage, so I was absolutely terrified. His calm and great nature gently eased me back into the process, and then on stage we had such fun playing about, doing a bit of ‘Jazzy Joseph’. I’ve watched him in control of an incredible band as our Musical Director and pianist, and thought we’re all in very safe hands. He’s made it a really enjoyable experience!” — Phillip Schofield

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