Musical Supervisor for Cinderella, Shone Productions, Middleton Arena 2014.

This was a great show, with a great cast and creative team. The band for this particular show consisted of only, Drums, Guitar and Keyboard. The rest of the orchestra was put onto a click track, allowing the band to play-a-long to enhance the overall sound, providing a whole new dimension to the audiences experience. Backing vocals were also arranged and recorded to enhance the performance, and were provided as a separate layer, allowing the sound engineer to retain control of the mix. Below is a compilation of some of the music used in this show. Below¬†are examples of rehearsal tracks used in the various pantomimes I’ve produced for, which include all instruments of the band/orchestra, as a reference to how the finished article should sound. Enjoy!

The show featured “Same Difference” Sean Smith, as Prince Charming & Sarah Smith, as Fairy Godmother, Hazel Pude (Byker Grove) as Cinderella and “Rollo” as Buttons.