I am very fortunate to have worked for Cattle & Cane in many different settings, and with very different roles, from studio session musician to arranging & producing tracks. They write some fantastic music, and have played at many of the UK’s leading festivals, such as Radio 2’s Live in Hyde Park, and have played a variety of unique gigs, such as supporting The Jacksons. Other than their gigs & albums, you might also find their music featured on TV Programmes such as E4’s Made In Chelsea, and various TV Adverts. They are featured heavily also on BBC Radio 2, where you will also hear some of my arranging, and playing, on the song “Skies”. I’m also lucky enough to have made it onto their upcoming album, on Fender Rhodes, and Hammond Organ.

I’m very much looking forward to playing at their album launch gig before the tour kicks off, on September 18th. Click here to see the dates. They are a great bunch to work with, and always very welcoming… even Tom the drummer.

In June 2015, Cattle & Cane assembled some of the best musicians in the North, and put together their own personal orchestra, to accompany them for a video recording of one of their latest singles “Carried Me Home”. I was lucky enough to make it onto this recording session, as a percussion player… and banging this big bass drum turned out to be harder than I thought!

Below is an example from an orchestral track, which I arranged, recorded & produced for the band in 2014.