In July 2014, I was composer/musical director for this comedy, that’s typically a straight play, however the production company ‘Less Is More’ wanted to add some music, as they felt it would really add to the piece, and it certainly did. The whole team were a delight to work with, and it was such a pleasure to hear my compositions and harmonies sung by such talented singers/actors.

The show is based in a church, so rather than being stuck out the way in a pit, where musicians traditionally seem to end up in theatre, I was promoted to the part of a piano playing vicar on stage! So not only did I get to hear wonderful singers perform my work, I got to be apart of it with them on stage, whilst wearing a vicar dress! Find the official review here.


“What initially started as a working relationship developed in to a partnership as James became a part of the production itself. Not only in a physical sense but also in the music created specifically for the show. Working to a remit that was no easy task, James developed new music that not only set the tone of the era but helped develop the characters and in turn really gave the actors a chance to move their performances to something far more natural and organic through his tunes.” – David Tuffnell – Producer & Director