Mr. & Mrs. Coates

Thank you so much for making our night so special, and the band were fantastic! Thanks for the great song choices! People have commented on not only how brilliant the performance was but also how lovely you all are. Best wishes and a big thank you from us!

The Sage

The band were FANTASTIC! A fantastic highlight of the evening, i had a picture in my head of how the night was going to look and feel, the whole thing pivoted around a quality live music accompaniment, providing a touch of class and Hollywood glamour. What was the unexpected bonus for me was the comedy element you brought too! Just perfect!

Lance Liddle 2

Put simply they enjoy what their doing and that enjoyment, being infectious, rubs off on the audience who willingly go along for the riotous ride


5* Show. Musical Director and stunning pianist James Harrison arguably steals the show. He offers remarkable arrangements and seamless mixes which drive this pacey and perfectly produced production.

The Knights Of Music, starring Phillip Schofield

Sarah Stewart

Just a very brief note to thank everyone in the band for providing such a magnificent musical accompaniment to last night’s awards ceremony. It was upbeat, quirky, humorous, playful – and certainly enjoyed by all. Totally appropriate to the evening. Well done to everyone involved. The best thing of all was that you all seemed to be enjoying yourselves at the same time, which was great. I hope that there will be opportunities for us to engage the band at future events and we’ll certainly be recommending you to others – as will I’m sure, many of those attending last night’s event.


The Feedback from Saturday was great, you were a pleasure to work with and we would recommend you with out a doubt

John Altman

James Harrison is one of the best Musical Directors I’ve ever worked with. Not only is he very talented, he’s such great fun to work with, and just a great guy… I even got to jam with him in a club after the show one night!

Phillip Schofield

When I first met James, I hadn’t sung for 17 years, in public, on stage, so I was absolutely terrified. His calm and great nature gently eased me back into the process, and then on stage we had such fun playing about, doing a bit of ‘Jazzy Joseph’. I’ve watched him in control of an incredible band as our musical director, and thought we’re all in very safe hands. He’s made it a really enjoyable experience!