A function band with a funky twist, steering away from the wedding cliché vibe, when possible.


A classic function band, specialising more in the ‘oldies’ style.



A unique jazz band led by drummer Robbie Huston, playing crazy jazz arrangements of well known pieces by The Beatles.


Dropping Bombs

A very adaptable, in terms of line up and styles, jazzy based band, playing music fitting for jazz clubs to weddings, or any function.


Al Harrington Blues Band

Playing Hammond Organ with Al Harrington’s Blues Band. This is an out & out blues band. Al plays the likes of Jimi Hendrix, B.B King, Fleetwood Mac, Screamin’, Jay Hawkins, and many more. A brilliant band to jam with, amazing and extremely experienced blues musicians. Click here to see us in action.


The Henchmen

Pianist with “The Henchmen”, a Jazz sextet I was recruited into whilst at Uni, based in Newcastle Upon Tyne. They specialise in swing, lounge, and club style jazz standards, but are easily adaptable depending on the job.


Steve Dixon Band

From time to time I’ll guest on Hammond/Piano for Steve Dixon’s blues band, a guitar led trio. Steve plays a wide range of blues styles, but always retains the classic/authentic blues feel, even when I’m there trying to jazz everything up! Check out Steve in action here.


Ray Dales Quartet

Alto Sax led Quartet, by the legend that is Ray Dales “Sax God Of Teesside” – A really fun band to play with, playing a variety of great different standards, from reggae to swing! Ray is an amazing experienced player and a brilliant fun spirit to work with! Read our latest review here. Find more from Ray at raydalesmusic.

Deputy Keyboard work includes

Various function bands in the North, such as ‘Soul Survivors’, ‘Live Injection’, ‘Ska Boom’